The advertising style of Jean Paul Goude.

jean paul goude french CHANEL CHANCE AD

French photographer, designer, director & illustrator, Jean Paul Goude has been impacting pop-culture worldwide for decades.

The Kim Kardashian #Breaktheinternet photo? That was him.
The guy who made Desigual cool? That was him.
The first to highlight ALL types of beauty (even north-African women, who weren’t visible in the media at the time)? That was him.
Since the 1980s, Jean Paul Goude has shaped the world of photography and advertising with his collages, dramatic staging, and bright color palettes.
Let’s take a look at 5 of his most iconic advertising campaigns, ones that every French person is familiar with, and which have left their mark on the industry worldwide.


Jean Paul Goude is the inventor of these childish and delirious characters who shaped the brand’s advertising saga for years.


A cult French advertisement, which received the Cannes advertising grand prize at the festival in 1991.


Talking about Jean Paul Goude without mentioning Grace Jones would be a mistake. Grace, in addition to being his partner in life at the time, was above all his muse and a strong focus of his work. When Citroën tried to shake off its dusty image, Jean Paul Good brought Grace Jones for a film praising speed, animality, and automobile aggressiveness. This ad was judged undesirable in Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands.

Galeries Lafayettes

In the early 2000s, Jean Paul Goude oversaw the communication strategy for the Parisian department store Les Galeries Lafayette. Starring Laetitia Casta for many years, the advertising saga had also put forward other guest stars like Henri Salvador, the writer Frédéric Beigbeder, Inès de la Fressange, or André.
So, what? for almost 15 years, the Goude x Galeries Lafayette ads adorned the walls of Paris.


Women in the “Egoiste” ad, a man fighting against his own shadow, Vanessa Paradis in a cage, or the last campaign for “Chance”: The Chanel-Goude relationship has influences well beyond the French borders and has become one of the key elements of the Chanel DNA in the eyes of the world.

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