Etretat: breathtaking cliffs less than 3 hours from Paris.

etretat normandy trip landscape nature

Definitely the perfect spot for surfers, couples or just landscape admirers. During your next visit to Paris, spend 2 days in this little corner of Normandy!

“What should we do this Weekend?”
This is the eternal question that all Parisians ask themselves. During the winter, spring, summer or fall, going to Etretat is still one of the best answers.

Rent a car in Paris, take the road towards Etretat, 200KM away. (Btw, when you’re on the road, take a short break in Givergny, the charming village of the French painter Monet). After a lunch at Lann-BIHOUE, take the time to walk north along the “Falaise d’Amont” famous for its church. And if the weather allows it, sit on the hill overlooking the bay and the beach of Etretat, to see one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life.

If you’re a surfer, you can surf there, at the foot of a white limestone cliff towering over you at 100 meters. However, be careful: look up the weather forecast before your trip (and bring or rent the adequate equipment because the sea is… COLD).

On day 2, explore the cliffs on the side of the “Porte d’Aval”.
Depending on the tide (and whether or not you’re afraid of heights), you can walk on the beach or on the edge of the cliffs (“Chemin des douaniers”).

etretat normandy trip nature landscape

In short, Etretat is a perfect spot for a nature getaway.
Find all our tips and addresses on the map below :

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