K-WAY: Not your Mama’s raincoat (well, actually, kind of)


And no, contrary to what you think the K-way is not American but French!
But do you know that prior to being back in style, this windproof jacket from the north of France marked a whole generation in the 70’s and 80’s?

Stay dry or be cool?

In 1965, when Jean Claude Duhammel, sitting at the terrace of Le café de la Paix, decided to start manufacturing an innovative windbreaker, he did not suspect for a moment the social phenomenon that he would create. “It’s raining put on your K-way”, is a phrase that any child who grew up in France in the 70s and 80s heard many times before…
“Shower curtain” material, garish colors, rigid hood & especially the shapeless fanny-packs they would fold into… to wear a K-way was the ultimate fail for any child / teenager at the time (even if Sophie Marceau wears one in La Boum).
Thanks to its innovative Nylon material, affordable price (€10) & a launch in line with the development of the outdoor leisure sector (hiking, sailing, etc.), the K-Way immediately conquered the French baby boomers to the point of becoming an entry in the dictionary. And the success went well beyond France: during its first 25 years of existence, K-way sold over 40 million raincoats worldwide.

Stay dry and be cool !

After a long dry spell in the 90s, the brand was bought by the Italian group “Basic Net”.
The brand came back with all new designs, new materials & colors, collaborations with Marc Jacobs, APC and store openings in France & in all the hipster corners of the world. Now K-way is cool, expensive (100€), and no longer worn for school outings or summer camp. But you know what? we still love the damn coat. Maybe because it’s like a family member? Maybe because of the oh so 80’s logo that reminds us of our childhood? Who knows…In any case, we still wear it today… but this time, with pride!

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