“La Boum”/”The Party”: when France discovered Sophie Marceau

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A cold winter weekend is the perfect time to stay in and watch the iconic French film “La Boum” (“The Party”)

Paris 1980.
With no cell phone, messed up bangs (she cut them herself), and a pair of stan smiths on her feet, Vic, 13 years old is facing a major hurdle : she must convince her parents (Claude Brasseur & Brigitte Fossey) to let her go to the party hosted by a classmate of hers. The stakes are high, this party may be the beginning of Vic’s first love…

A timeless & endearing story line

The young dreamer who’s longing for the attention of the cutest boy in her class, sneakily going out (here, at the Main Jaune), the opposition between parents and children, the relationship with the grandparents (<3 Poupette, the free-spirited grandmother we’d all love to have), marriage and issues of unfaithfulness. During the movie you might oscillate between mocking them, and comparing the characters with your own life as a teenager or an adult.

The revelation of Sophie Marceau

When the movie came out, all of France immediately falls in love with Sophie Marceau who plays Vic, the slightly rebellious, sincere, and charming Parisian teenager. Besides, an entire generation of young women starts identifying, and growing up with her throughout the movies she stars in (including “La Boum 2”). Propelled by “La Boum”, Sophie Marceau soon becomes a French icon, and gains worldwide notoriety.

In conclusion:

We love “La Boum”.
Firstly, because the movie takes place during our childhood years. But also, because with its naivety, humor, and sarcasm, “La Boum” is a comforting teen movie we love watching. Watch it here. We’ll warn you though: the song “Reality” will haunt you all day, we’re sure of it.

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