Where to stay in Paris? At the “Grand amour hotel”!!!


Here are 10 reasons 

  1. Because it’s on faithfulness street (rue de la Fidélité), you can’t make up this stuff
  2. Because it’s a French love hotel, with rooms you can book by the night or by the hour.
  3. Because the grand amour hotel is so hip, so Parisian… and so cool.
  4. Because the carpet has a penis pattern on it (and it’ll look so good on your Instagram story)
  5. Because the neighborhood is awesome (it’s right next to the rue de paradis, the first street in Paris to go zero waste. From the restaurants, to the businesses, to the residents)
  6. Because it’s not that expensive
  7. Because even if you’re a Parisian, it’s still delightful to brunch there in the spring, in their gorgeous patio.
  8. Because it’s right next to Gare du Nord, so it’s perfect if you’re continuing the journey to London or Amsterdam
  9. Because André Saraiva’s interior design will take your breath away
  10. And because the rooms have no TV or phone… so you can really focus on your date 😉


Go go go!

Grand Amour Hotel
18 Rue de la Fidélité, 75010 Paris

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