Upcycling by Andrea Crews.

Andrea Crews Paris fashion label
©samuel lehuédé

Over the past 15 years, the Parisian collective has shown another face of fashion.

No to the Zara uniform!

Maroussia Rebecq was an activist long before DIY, Vintage & anti-fast fashion became trendy. In 2002 in Paris, she created the Andrea Crews collective composed of stylists, musicians, performers & artists to promote a new way of designing & selling clothes.


Closer to contemporary art than other Parisian brands, the collective’s approach consists of:

  1. giving a new life vintage clothes, or classics from well-known brands, by recovering unsold items.
  2. staging the collection through happenings, artistic performances or artsy videos, to show how empowering clothing can be.

Streetwear style, recycled & gender neutral clothing, Andrea Crews has quickly become the symbol of Parisian underground culture, and of the anti-system mindset. This vision and avant-garde style brings a real breath of fresh air to the Parisian fashion world. This creates envy: Many brands ask to work with the group to modernize their image, their communication or their collections, and to create limited edition styles… Stay tuned!

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